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Custom landing pages are a great way to make more money and increase conversions for your business. A custom landing page is simply an optimized web page that acts as the first impression of your company or product for visitors.

This blog post will tell you the many reasons why it’s essential to have a custom landing page, how to build one, and what they cost!

What is a custom landing page?

A custom landing page is a website designed to promote a product or service and provide detailed information. A landing page creates opportunities for conversions by explaining what your business does, why people should buy from you instead of other businesses, and how they’ll benefit after making the purchase. They are mostly a one page design.

Why is a custom landing page essential?

A custom landing page has many benefits:

• Increases conversion rates

Every time someone follows through with an action on your site (whether clicking something or filling out a form), this leads them down the sales funnel; if only 1% of those visitors convert into customers, each new lead will result in revenue! That’s not bad for such an easy task as having just one person fill out a simple form.

• Saves your website

Although many people don’t want to build a custom landing page, it’s not always the best idea to take that route. For example, if someone lands on one of your blog posts and wants more information about something specific or wants an answer before filling out any forms (which is pretty standard), then having them leave without converting can result in a loss of revenue.

• Collation of information

The ability to collect accurate contact information so you can follow up within minutes rather than days or weeks – making it easier than ever before to build rapport and relationships with prospects on demand.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages come in all shapes and sizes, but here are the most common types of landing pages you’ll come across:

1. Squeeze Page

The squeeze landing page is the simplest version and should offer a free report, white paper, or e-book in exchange for the prospect’s name and email address.

2. Splash Page

On the splash page, you’ll typically see a marketing message or sales offer. It is essential to choose an offer that matches the intent of your audience and fits with the image of your brand.

3. Lead Capture Page

The lead capture landing page is designed to collect contact information from your visitors. It can be used as part of an email marketing campaign or stand alone on its own. It is also called a lead generation page.

4. Click-Through Landing Page

The click-through landing page is a variation of the lead capture landing page. It’s designed to capture visitor clicks on ads.

5. “Get Started” Landing Page

When you want your visitors to take action, you need a landing page that enforces the call to action. This is typically used for product sales or special offers where visitors are encouraged to purchase right away.

Different ways to access a landing page

There are different ways to access a landing page, one of which is from a website.

• From a website

You can drive traffic from different websites by adding links with compelling messages directly onto those sites, which will point back towards yours. Even if they don’t click through right away, their memory remains, and the chances are good that they’ll see at least part of what you’re advertising.

• From an email

Email marketing has been considered one of the most effective types of online advertising. Even though it may not be as popular as other forms, like blogging and social media promotion, newsletters can still get your message out there to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

• From a hard copy sell sheet or letter

When you do a mailer, the key is to have a strong opener. You need something exciting or unique that compels people to read on and not just toss it in the trash.

Types of forms used in landing pages

Depending on what information you’re collecting from visitors, you can incorporate various form fields into your online landing page.

• An R.S.V.P to a trade show or an event

One typical example is sending potential clients information about attending a seminar for which you’re holding space (i.e., hotel rooms). This way, if they decide against going at the last minute, you won’t lose any money because no cancellation fee was charged when they sent their name down on paper with another form of payment.

• A request for information such as an address update or an email address

Another example is if you wanted to gather more contact information from existing clients who are interested in repurchasing your product but need a little nudge because they’ve forgotten about it, or maybe someone has tried to reach out through the website regarding their business needs that weren’t able to be solved by your current services and now wants some help with another area of what you do.

• A survey or customer study

Surveys are great because you can ask specific questions regarding their needs and wants. Depending on your survey, it might be beneficial to include a section where they can leave comments or additional answers about the information that has been requested of them.

• A contest entry or other exchange for information

You may also want to run an offer through Facebook Ads or Google Adwords by creating landing pages within these platforms as well – this way, you have more flexibility with your ads since there is no set amount of characters allowed in-text ad copy like there would be if you were putting together standard direct mail pieces.

Ways to build a landing page

There are various ways to build a landing page depending on what you are using it for.

Online landing page builders

Online landing page builders are a great way to create a landing page quickly and easily. Some of these platforms include Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce, or Clickfunnels, which offer this service free by purchasing a domain name.

Pros of online landing page builders

  • Can build a landing page in minutes without any coding knowledge required
  • A/B testing allows you to see what makes your audience take action

Cons of online landing page builders

• Not mobile-friendly – if someone is viewing from their phone, they may have issues accessing the information on your site

Cost of using online landing page builders

Free- $99 per month, depending on the platform.

How to acquire a landing page from online landing page builders

The first thing to do is head to sites like Leadpages and find a template you like. Then look at the Leadpages pricing.

From there, follow the prompts to create your new landing page.

Creating a landing page with a freelancer

Another option is to hire a freelancer to develop your landing page for you.

Pros of using a freelancer to create a landing page

  • A more cost-effective option than hiring an agency or getting one built online
  • Freelancers can have a better understanding of your business and what you’re trying to achieve with the page

Cons of using a freelancer to create a landing page

  • It takes time and practice, which can be costly depending on your budget.
  • The quality can vary greatly depending on who they hire.
  • Freelancers without any online presence may be harder to scour for decent talent.

Cost of using a freelancer to create a landing page

Most freelancers will create these kinds ofwebsites for $1000(depending on location), but this varies from person to person.

Ordering a landing page from a web development agency

The final option is going straight for an agency specializing in creating sales pages and websites aimed at conversions.

Pros of ordering a landing page from a web development agency

  • Faster turnaround time than getting one yourself
  • More experience
  • Better quality of work.

Cons of ordering a landing page from a web development agency

  • They are more expensive than some freelancers
  • You might get stuck with a poor-quality designer if you go with an unproven agency.

Cost of ordering a landing page from a web development agency

The price is usually in the $500-5000 range for this, so typically agencies will charge more because they put together professional teams to work on your project.

Why does a web development agency charge so much for a landing page?

They have to employ a designer, copywriter, and developer. And the team has to work together efficiently on your project and communicate with you along the way so that it doesn’t go over budget or take longer than expected.

This is why they typically cost more money but also provide a better product in return.

How a web development agency determines the price for landing pages

A web development agency typically charges a lot for a landing page because they put together professional teams to work on your project. They have to employ a designer, copywriter, and developer that will communicate with you along the way, so it doesn’t go over budget or take longer than expected, which is why they cost more money but provide a better product in return.


Custom landing pages are a great way to get your message across in an engaging and personal manner. Customizing the page with your company logo, colors, messaging allows you to create more of a connection with potential customers before they even make their purchase decision.

Creating custom landing pages is typically around $150-5,000 depending on how many features or design elements you want to be included on the page.

We offer free quotes, so feel free to contact us if this sounds like something that would be helpful for your business!

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