Website design, online marketing
Online Marketing: I’ve built my website; what marketing should I start with?
June 1, 2021
Aspects to Consider before hiring a Local SEO agency
August 1, 2021
Website design, online marketing
Online Marketing: I’ve built my website; what marketing should I start with?
June 1, 2021
Aspects to Consider before hiring a Local SEO agency
August 1, 2021

Creating content that is SEO and user friendly

In the current digital world, a few things can cause a massive difference in your business. Like the traffic, conversion has now become the top priority for the companies. And SEO is the best way to fulfill this goal. An insight into the SEO facts is that more than 70% of the users choose websites that are shown on the first search result page. This number is quite huge But, to be the top search page of the search engine’s algorithm, you need to give the most acceptable content to the audience, which is not only relevant but also SEO friendly. Janszen Media will help you give your audience not only pertinent but SEO friendly content as well. 

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What is the importance of content in SEO?

SEO consists of many things that are extremely important while optimizing your search engine result for better ranking. But there is one thing that holds everything in the SEO together, and that is the relevance. The content you give to your audience determines your website’s fate on the search engine ranking. The more relevant and SEO-friendly content you share, the better your ranking on the search engine will be, and hence the traffic on your website will increase. 

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Why content needs to be user and SEO friendly?

Content is simply the mouthpiece of your website. Everything, including the advertisement, is a part of the content. So, what makes content this special? It is nothing but its ability to keep the readers hooked to the point and gives them something useful. The content is used by many websites through blogs, and according to the need of the user, the content usually changes. However, giving the most relevant, relatable, and SEO friendly content to the audience is what actually matters.

There is an argument among market leaders about SEO content not being the most important or relevant thing in the ranking, but this is totally a misconception. So, how to create content that is SEO friendly? This is the question of the hour.

Here are a few tips that can give a boost to the content writing process while giving you the desired result will also be useful for the users. Janszen Media can provide you not only with user-friendly content but can also help you boost your SEO ranking.

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Keyword research: One of the important things that matters the most while writing content for SEO is the keyword. A keyword is the set of words around which your article revolves. But on search engines, the keywords are the words that users search in the search bar. The more accurate and to the point your keyword will be, the more friendly result you are to get. Keyword plays a crucial role in the full development of the content. There are many useful keyword research tools that let you know the most searched keyword on Google. Research for the keyword properly and get what is most suitable and relevant for the content. This step will ensure that you are on the right path to creating relevant content.

Content Structure: When you see or read great content, you will understand it is well structured. A good structure of an article will not only trigger the writing process but will also help the reader or the viewer understands the content properly.

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A general format consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, over the years, there are many other ways in which the content can be presented to the audience. Modifying the structure will adequately communicate the message to readers and will not only give you catchy content but will also help you make the content SEO and user friendly.

Catchy titles always work: One of the things Janszen Media focuses on is the headlines. These headlines are going to give a boost to your SEO. These headlines attract people, hence bring more traffic.

A few tips about writing a catchy headline is, adding the targeted keyword in the beginning and keeping the title short. The title should be catchy, concise, and to the point; this is what grabs the attention of the viewers, which will result in more traffic and will also bring a more organic audience to the website. 

website design, seo content, digital marketing

Heading tags: If you are giving out content that is quite large and lengthy, then heading is the main object in the content and matter the most. Content not only becomes more comfortable for the content creators to write but also becomes easier for the reader to get to the point. A more interesting thing to make the content more user friendly is by adding heading tags. This makes the user choose what they want to read. This will get you the desired traffic and, to the user, useful content. 

Write SEO friendly URLs: when your content is going online, then one thing that matters the most is the URL used for your website. This allows the user to share the website correctly and remember it for future references. Also, keeping it less than 60 characters, with hyphens separating the words, is the key. One should avoid using uppercase words, and it often results in 404 errors or redirections. On the contrary, keep the URL simple, as simplicity is the key in the digital world too.

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Make the content readable for the readers: One of the mistakes, as beginners or even intermediate writers, do, is to write the correct content in long and lengthy paragraphs. Now, it can easily bore the reader, so better you should keep the paragraphs small and try to present it in a detailed way by adding bullet points, footnotes, etc. Try to keep 2-3 sentences in a paragraph, and it also increases the interest in the reader.

Optimize Meta Description: Getting technical and keeping in mind the small things pays off big time. The meta description is the description that the search engine shows like a peek into your content, but not by actually visiting the site. It sounds and works surprisingly incredible in gaining more traffic towards the website, but most importantly, it refines the writing process. Try to give out the keyword appropriately once or twice in the description. It is catchy and increases the chances of the viewer visiting your website. Though the Meta description can change as per the keyword searched, but it works wonders if your keywords research is to the point. 

Optimize images: Appearance and the way of presentation of content also matters. Adding images to the content, blog, or article will just enhance the website and make the reader hooked to it. To improve the readers’ experience on your website, optimizing the images can be a great way. It is still one of the traditional ways for SEO but works like a charm for the marketers in giving out more user-friendly content. Adding ALT text and keeping the images more relevant to the content will also add to giving out a friendly experience. 

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Content length can be decisive: There are often things that you want to tell your reader through the content. But, this can make the writing very lengthy, and it might be too much for the reader to keep track of all the things you are trying to communicate through your content. Conveying the message properly with the right information is the key. If everything adds up perfectly and you provide content that is readable and easy to understand, the SEO will just be a play for you. 

If the content is lengthy and long, then a better way can be to give it out in bites or pieces. Also, long content bores the audience right away. Small content, on the other hand, looks attractive and makes the writing process easy. So, the main idea of this point is concise writing.

Optimize your content for mobile: a fun fact about today’s world is that the world is digital, and 56% of users are using the internet on mobiles and tablets. So, optimizing the content for mobile can result in more traffic generation, and it also makes the content friendly for your reader. It has now become a must, as Google’s algorithm ranks mobile-friendly websites higher.

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Apart from these ten tips and tricks, there are probably many things that can help you write more SEO friendly content for your website. Website Development Agencies often stress giving out on giving the best possible content as that is the key to a successful SEO venture and market leadership for the clients.

Content is everywhere, along with giving out the perfect SEO friendly content for the website; the quality should also be top-notch. The quality of the content matters to the audience and also makes your website SEO friendly. SEO is a very effective way of generating traffic on the website, mostly organic. Thus, if you want to make your content perform well on online platforms, now you know the tips, tricks, and shortcuts. 

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