Website design, content strategies
Content Strategies As a Game-changer for Web Designers
May 1, 2021
website design, seo content
How to write website with SEO friendly content
July 1, 2021
Website design, content strategies
Content Strategies As a Game-changer for Web Designers
May 1, 2021
website design, seo content
How to write website with SEO friendly content
July 1, 2021

Quick Summary: In today’s era, it’s not about whether you have a website or not, but whether you have a web strategy to run or not. Websites are more than compulsory these days. The economic slump due to the pandemic has forced small scale business and startups to focus on digital. Web marketing is one of the most powerful business engagement ways that bring business growth in the shortest time. Meanwhile, you need to run certain tricks and techniques as a part of your website marketing strategy. 

Even if you offer the best product, you’ll need a terrific marketing style to generate sales. You will need to promote the service so that customers get to know about the product. Likewise, most businesses get a website but forget to market their service. This is one of the reasons why budding businesses fails to mark an impression amongst their prospect.

Online business is not a new thing, but it can be complex sometimes, specifically when you start developing content for your website. In such cases, you should take assistance from professionals. At Janszen Media

you can have access to a team of prolific online marketers that’ll guarantee you a competitive advantage over your contenders.

Meanwhile, running a marketing campaign is more than easy these days. Unlike traditional marketing strategies where one needs to hire advertisers who charged excessive sums, thankfully, our generation needs not to face such a thing. 

As you stick with the article, we’ll let you know prominent marketing strategies that can run in grow your website are.

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Run Search Engine Optimization

You want to purchase a pair of running shoes. So, what do you first do? You’ll perhaps check the shoes online. Now, you’ll move to the first site that shows you running shoes, isn’t it? So, here’s where the real game starts. Think from the business prospect. What if the first website that you went was yours! That means you get a major chunk of customers to the site.

The secret of SEO hides here. SEO is a simple process that enhances the visibility and traffic of your website in the search engine. For exclusive SEO growth, here’s what you need to focus on precisely

Keyword: Keyword can be a word or a phrase that customers type in the search engine. For instance, the running mentioned above shoes is a keyword itself. Remember, the more specific the keyword, the greater customer engagement.

Title Tag: What made you land into this article? Yes, you’re right! Marketing ideas for your website. The title should be relevant, emphasizing clearly what exactly the page is all about. 

Meta Descriptions: These are summaries that appear beneath the title tag. You must have seen it on the search result page. These include keywords along with naturally spoken information that appeals to visitors.

Internal Links: Links connect one page of the website to others. Moreover, links help search engines determine the structure of the site, improving navigation. 

Paid Advertisement

You can pursue paid advertising through Google AdWords. It is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad platform that charges a site only if a visitor clicks the site. This is usually the best method to start when advertising products through paid promotion. 

Meanwhile, the service is quite cheap, and you get to target your customers directly. But, make sure you are within your budget limitations. On the other side, if you think running a PPC campaign is unworthy or beyond your budget, you can always cancel the service.


Blogging is the best strategy. Blogging regularly is a necessity for a successful SEO campaign. Meanwhile, Google also prefers a site that offers fresh blogs. Fresh contents attract crawlers to run through it and explore the website. 

Ultimately, it adds authority, enabling site owners to optimize on specific keywords. If you build your audience through your site, you can retain your members and introduce them to other sections of your site. 

online marketing, seo, website design

Connect with Google Analytics

If you plan to have a strong online presence, you’ll need to understand website analytics in detail. Google Analytics is the best tool you can use to understand how exactly the site is performing or how visitors engage with their content. At Janszen Media, we track demographics followed by the overall time spent by the visitors. Through this, our experts can simply understand what works well. 

To measure your website, you need to install Google’s analytics. Likewise, you don’t have to worry, and many content management systems facilitate this along with an analytics tracking option. In such a scenario, you won’t have to edit your site code directly. 

Apart from that, our experts from Janszen Media we recommend installing Google Search Console for the site. You can get information on the site’s performance, including

  • Google’s index and organic search results
  • Probably broken link
  • Schema markup issue
  • XML sitemap
  • Other technical SEO metrics
website design, google analytics, online marketing

Adding Site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console was also known formerly as Google Webmaster Tools, which help manage your site’s health in the search engine. You will be notified if there is an issue with the site. You can get important information once the site is verified, which includes

  • Lists of links on your site
  • Manual action against the site
  • Whether the site is mobile-friendly or not
  • If Google finds it difficult to access certain parts

Uploading XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap provides the search engines with all the listings of pages and posts of your site. In other words, XML is actually a document. Further, it allows Google to crawl the site more efficiently, i.e., and your content gets indexed more quickly.

If your website is based on WordPress, you can download and install the Google XML sitemaps plugin. You can seek help from Janszen Media where we can develop a sitemap using the XML sitemaps generator. Further, we’ll upload it to the root directory of your site.

Significance of Call to Action (CTA)

Visitors need to be guided, so keep that in mind. Running a prominent CTA on your website is the best way to bring customer engagement. A good CTA is persuasive and exactly explains what customers need to know. Key things when developing a CTA include

  • The CTA should directly focus “to do” things but not be pushy. You can run a sense of urgency but make sure it’s encouraging and doesn’t go too far.
  • Content on the page should be approachable as related to the CTA.
  • Utilize the power of command verbs where a CTA button leads. Rather than asking to “click here,” you can go for something more polite like “Read more on our blog, “Download the app,” or “Buy now.”

Optimize for Mobile

Over 90% of your visitors will access your business through mobile devices. Further, in 2019, mobile devices accounted for more than half of all web traffic. Therefore, keep that in mind, you need to make your site more viewable and easy to access on both mobile phone and desktop.

online marketing, optimize mobile device, website design

Apart from great quality content and links, other areas need absolute features such as 

Page Rendering: How visual interpretation of HTML is conducted

URL Rendering: How URL looks in the address bar

Mobile Focused Markups: This is the code that helps a page get discovered by a search engine.

Include Email Signup Form

Once you figure out that your website is showing positive engagement, it’s time to turn visitors into customers. For that, you can actively use email marketing. In fact, email marketing is one of the greatest ways to build an ongoing conversation. Meanwhile, your website needs to feature a signup form in order to collect your customer’s email addresses. 

As a part of your marketing strategy, Janszen Media recommends email communication, where you can share news and updates that put a detailed insight into the service. The signup form may require your website to note down personal details. 

To make things more interesting, you can also consider collecting information such as birthdays, city of residence, or specific business interests. Meanwhile, extra information can help you design future communications.

online marketing, email marketing, website design

Networking with Influencers

If you run a non-commercial site, our professionals from Janszen Media suggest working with well-known influencers. You’ll probably find many bloggers, business analysts, journalists, and social media influencers who can bring absolute engagement in the shortest period. If you are currently starting, don’t hesitate to share their works with your audience. A thoughtful comment is always a good thing. 

You can also introduce them to your business; however, don’t ask them to share your works. Remember, if your work is insightful, they’ll recognize it and further share it on their own. 

Run Test

Before the introduction of your site to the search engine, it is your utmost responsibility to test everything. You need to see that everything is in perfect order. Moreover, here’s what our experts from Janszen Media suggest you Check Links Take time and check all the hyperlinks, both internal and external.

  • Test Across Different Browsers

Make sure everything looks perfect on both desktop and mobile, from fonts to forms. You can also take help from software system if you lack manual knowledge.

  • Run Speed Test

Page speed is undoubtedly a factor for ranking. Customers won’t visit your page if you don’t offer quality speed. Also, loading speed will be impacted negatively due to large image size or plugins. Additionally, you need to test website speed regularly.

  • Check That All the Forms Work

If you offer an email signup form, subscribe to it with your personal address and check if all the automated messages arrive properly—for instance, welcome emails.

  • Proof Read the Site

Request your friends and co-workers to visit the site and let them review everything. Get them to read copies and make sure that they easily understand the content. 


These were some of the best practices that most of the top-notch websites have been following. Our digital marketing experts from Janszen Media runs exclusive strategies that help you show off your brand personality. You need to understand that your website will create the potential for a strategic relationship with your audience; therefore, make sure everything is perfectly aligned. Good luck!  

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