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Janszen Media helps businesses grow their online stores website traffic and sales through web development best practices and product optimization. Janszen Media employs an expert website development and design team that has all around knowledge on product information, website user experience, and conversion rate optimization strategies. We love helping clients grow with the best ROI possible.

Why Should You Hire a local eCommerce website development expert? Here are some benefits of hiring an eCommerce website design expert in Columbus.

A local eCommerce Design expert delivers long-term growth.

We implement a product description and optimization strategy which is an eCommerce best practice to avoid any unnecessary setup

We maintain communication with our clients and keep them up-to-date on eCommerce development progress.

We have update progress reports and calls to help our clients understand the ongoing setup.

We create exclusive eCommerce strategies depending on clients' needs to deliver the best results.

Our eCommerce design and development plans are competitive and are affordable.

Should I Hire eCommerce design consultant, eCommerce development Agency or In-house eCommerce design and development?


In-House eCommerce Design and Development?

Why does this matter to me?

Increased Conversion Rates Equals Increased Traffic & Sales

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Having someone inside the company who really understands the nitty-gritty of the business and the eCommerce development, digital marketing, and content strategizing can be beneficial.

He or she can decide the marketing goal and choose the right or suitable eCommerce design expert or agency if outsourcing is needed.

You can always look for eCommerce development consultants near me or eCommerce design experts near me when searching online to find quality experts. Having someone internal with understanding of eCommerce helps set expectations and goals for the company.

The in-house expert can also make quick changes if required. He or she can build analytical reports to see what campaigns are driving organic traffic and increased rankings. The external eCommerce design consultant or eCommerce development agency will also enjoy a contact that has a deep understanding of eCommerce best practices and strategy.

The in-house eCommerce expert can implement eCommerce best practices to ensure long-term results.


eCommerce Design Consultant

Why does this matter to me?

The Easier Your Website Is To Use, Get More Customer Purchases

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Having an eCommerce design consultant can be considered one of the most cost-effective among these three options. Consultants usually work with several clients at a time and charge a standard rate for everyone.

Since they are dealing with different clients, industries, and varied goals, they are usually well-versed in eCommerce trends, changing algorithms, and innovative marketing styles.

A eCommerce design consultant usually is connected to a network of eCommerce developers, trustworthy websites, and various online publishers that helps when it comes to eCommerce design and product setup.

The consultants are already trained, so the additional costs involved in training are not needed.

Next time when you are searching for ‘eCommerce design consultants near me,’ make sure to check the consultant's testimonials and hire the best one.


eCommerce Development Agency

Why does this matter to me?

We Will Show You How To Stand Out Against The Competition

Infographic 3

A trusted digital marketing agency usually has worked with several clients from many different industries. So, as a result, they usually have a broader understanding of business goals and various eCommerce strategies.

To continue a strong understanding within the ever-changing eCommerce landscape, they keep updating their eCommerce best practices and industry trends.

A digital marketing agency provides a holistic service across different digital marketing channels, thus targeting different masses using different platforms.

An eCommerce development agency is like an umbrella under which you will get the best of content writers, marketing experts, eCommerce experts, graphic designers, auditors, and so on. It is time-saving and hassle-free.

It can be a more expensive option, but if you try to hire multiple individual experts, you will realize how cost-effective this option can be.

eCommerce Experts


There is a lot that goes into an eCommerce strategy. Let us handle it.

Still need help deciding?

Here are some helpful tips:


Your entire decision should be based on your individual objective. If you are not sure about what to improve or adjust or need an overall new perspective of eCommerce, then contacting an eCommerce design agency is the right thing to do. If you think you just need a consultation on the present eCommerce strategy your company is implementing, then all you need is an eCommerce design consultant.



We just can’t avoid this factor. If you are in a bootstrapping phase, then you may have to adjust and hire accordingly. Sometimes outsourcing to an eCommerce development agency may seem overwhelming in terms of budget. But investing in good marketing can help you get out of the whole struggling phase. So decide cautiously.

A Capable Team

If you have all the brains within your current team, then just having an expert eCommerce consultant will be sufficient. The more time your marketing team can allocate towards an eCommerce strategy is another deciding factor behind whether you should hire an eCommerce development expert or an eCommerce design agency. A comprehensive eCommerce strategy takes time to implement.

Janzen Media's Perception on New Age eCommerce Design

eCommerce development is something that can bring you immediate results. It requires the correct setup, design and development techniques and patience. Our clients are from different niches, and for each of them we come up with the best possible eCommerce solutions.

Result Oriented eCommerce Development

eCommerce best practices, user experience and ever-changing trends is something to always keep in mind. That’s how our local eCommerce development experts gain knowledge for on-page eCommerce optimization methods, eCommerce analysis, and product eCommerce setup. We develop a custom approach for each new company. Our skilled eCommerce professionals are ready to improve your overall website conversions and online sales.

Our eCommerce Development Process

  • Analyze current eCommerce Design & Deveopment strategies
  • Aligning with your marketing and business goals
  • Performing competitor research
  • Current eCommerce research and technical audit
  • Business product optimization and research
  • Brainstorming and road-mapping
  • Content and product detail enhancements
  • Reporting
  • Analyzing the ROI

If you are ready to jump ahead of the competetion, then it's time to work with local eCommerce Design consultants near you. Have a few cups of coffee with our eCommerce developemnt experts and learn how this strategy will build a foundation for your business for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an eCommerce product?
An eCommerce product listing is any product available to purchase online. Most product listings in a retail eCommerce environment are either Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C).
Does My Business Need eCommerce Development?
In today's world, setting up the correct eCommerce strategy with a eCommerce expert near me, can do wonders for your overall sales and conversions. Users trust products and product reviews from companies with details and more information about the product they are looking to purchase. Hire a eCommerce Design consultants near me, to ensure your website has the best chance of converting and gets customers through the checkout process with ease.
What makes a good eCommerce product?
The competitive edge is rising, and businesses are trying their best to stay at the top of conversion rates. However, our eCommerce Expert Columbus team usually recommends setting up product information, reviews and details so it is best for the end user. Depending upon the product, category, and price of the industry there are some strategies that are best practice when setting up an eCommerce product.
Can Your Team Optimize Product Descriptions For My Online Store?
Yes, our local eCommerce experts include content writers that research industry language, correct setup and ultimately discuss with you your goals and details you want your product description to include.
Should I Hire Someone To Do My eCommerce Development?
Yes, you should definitely hire an eCommerce Design expert for your business. Our Local eCommerce experts have a strong understanding of the challenges when creating products and product setup. Our eCommerce designers and developers use digital marketing strategies to optimize the conversion rate at checkout.

What Our Clients Say

  • Chiedu B. - CEO of UpByFive

    Taylor did an amazing job with my site. He took my vision and turned it into a complete reality. With how busy he was, I found it astounding how quick he was to respond to me when I needed a site change or I needed anything done.

    Chiedu B. - CEO of UpByFive
  • Karen S. - Owner of Sigal Models

    Taylor has helped us with website development, from taking our old ideas and transforming into new and innovative concepts to help our business stand out from the rest. He is very knowledgeable with multimedia and its many forms, which is very helpful for any business in the multimedia arena.

    We have hired Taylor for our website maintenance, from development of new marketing tools, to incorporating ecomm package with wordpress plugin and autoresponders for marketing our services, which keeps things working around the clock. We have also worked with Taylor in creating video marketing pieces and even brochure designs for our business printed handouts.

    Karen S. - Owner of Sigal Models
  • Peter M. - Service Director of Aquamarine Pools

    Janszen Media did a really great job on our website! We receive compliments all the time from customers about how easy our website was to navigate and understand. I highly recommend Taylor and his team for all things digital!

    Peter M. - Service Director of Aquamarine Pools
  • Ben J. - Owner of Root Yoga and Fitness

    Working with Janszen Media was a great experience! They were timely and catered to all of my needs. The site turned out great and is a great first impression for my clients. I would recommend Janszen Media's services to anyone seeking a professional website.

    Ben J. - Owner of Root Yoga and Fitness
  • Barbara B. - Owner of Career Expedition Coaching

    Taylor is incredibly talented. I was referred to Taylor when I was seeking a web designer to build my website from scratch. I had a clear vision of how I wanted it to look and feel and Taylor brought that vision to life. He is an excellent collaborator and can convert a wish list into a reality. Taylor even managed communications with my web hosting company on my behalf during this process. Taylor is fantastic and I highly recommend him for his creativity and deep knowledge of web design.

    Barbara B. - Owner of Career Expedition Coaching

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