Staying authentic with website development
Staying Authentic and going after ever-changing trends: From the perspective of a web design company  
October 1, 2021
Most Effective SEO And Digital Marketing Strategy for Absolute Business Growth
December 1, 2021
Staying authentic with website development
Staying Authentic and going after ever-changing trends: From the perspective of a web design company  
October 1, 2021
Most Effective SEO And Digital Marketing Strategy for Absolute Business Growth
December 1, 2021

First of all, Congratulations to you!


Let us explain.

If you already have a website, you are ahead of the mass who are still arguing over the necessity of having a website. We feel sorry for those still struggling to understand how important it is to take your brand online even after going through the 2020 shock-therapy.

But you are not among them. You are one of those who knows how to take advantage of technology and tap into the world of virtual business. Also, the scope for doing better and making things better never ends, so when it comes to the website, yeah, there is more to it.

Having a website is not the end; it is the first step of taking part in this digital revolution we are experiencing. And to remain firm and keep moving forward in this competitive and ever-changing market, we need to keep improving and updating our website. Website updates and maintenance are crucial things that people usually ignore and then fail to detect the real reason behind the increasing bouncing rate.

So here we are trying to sum up the necessity of updating your good old website

updating an old website

The Visual Appeal

Your website is the virtual and digital image of your business, vision, and mission. If your website appeal does not go with the changing trend, then people will think your business does not know how to improvise itself as per the ever-changing world.

An out of date site with a dull look, long loading time, and a poorly designed site will not encourage the site visitors to keep scrolling or visit another page. Your website should display the newly added products and services that people will interest in checking.

Take the example of brands like Apple. If you visit their site right now, you will see the fascinating black banner displaying the latest iPhone 12 Pro. They have updated their site and added their latest product. Visitors are going to check it out. 

Giving your website a visual appeal

The Date

Do you have a blog page on your site!


At least you understand the necessity of having a blog. As an entrepreneur, you must inform your clients and help them in every possible way by providing the necessary information. But it is your blog showing a day of 2017!!

Well, then you need to update it. Things are changing every minute. Elon Musk is starting four new businesses every year, Jeff Bezos is taking Amazon to new heights every month, so how can your blog miss mentioning that. No matter what the subject of your blog is, you need to update it.

Can you deny that the pre-covid world is the opposite of the present world!

Don’t you think your business has also changed over the year!

So why not talk about that! People are not going to reread something that they already know. They re not going to dwell in 2017. 

And do not forget to remove old event posters and similar.

Keeping website up to date for customers

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

UK citizens predominantly use smartphones than laptops and PCs these days. We use smartphones for 2hrs on average daily. Mobile-friendly websites are ranked first in the Google search results. So it has become mandatory for web designers to make a mobile-friendly website. As to show your presence digitally, you cannot ignore the mobile market.

A well-built website must be flexible to both PCs and Mobiles. The user must have a similar experience while viewing the website on a laptop or PC and mobile. These days websites are designed as mobile as their priority. The best website must perform at the same rate on various browsers, devices, and platforms.

If you haven’t updated your website design, there is a greater possibility of losing your mobile-based customers. You can update the website and make it a flexible design for all the devices; contact our website design company in Columbus.

Keeping website mobile friendly

Technique & Coding

Check the following essentials about your website to say it updated

  • Compatibility with all the available browsers
  • The validity of source code (HTML and CSS)
  • Standards of the website (Basic requirements)
  • The latest technique and programming language

You have to consider the user experience of the web design. Every year, the techniques involved in building websites transform and become more updated to meet the latest standards. Unnecessary HTML code in outdated sites may slow down your website. The speed of a website influences the rankings, so your site may rank lower in Google search results. Using modern techniques like CSS will make the website flexible to all devices and browsers. Our Website design agency at Columbus and Ohio keeps you updated about website updates and maintenance.

meeting website coding standards

Usage of proper photos

An attractive website always conveys the details about the company through the pictures included in the posts. The majority of the websites depend on stock photos to make them comfortable while designing them. But the website can be informative and eye-catching through the pictures clicked by the vision you have. Our website development company in Columbus helps you drop unique photos in the website’s gallery, which increases the connection with the visitors.

photography to improve website

Call to action icons

The objective of every website is to convert its visitors to customers. A call-to-action (CTA) button helps you in identifying prospective customers of your business. An outdated site may lack these call-to-action buttons on the landing page. Check-in your landing page for the CTA button, If there is no button, then approach the web design company for website support and maintenance. This button pulls the visitor to take the desired action.

How to get website conversions through call to action

Website performance

The old website may not support to measure the effectiveness of the website. The modern website with the latest tools enables you to know about your website performance. Through an updated website, you can check how strong your online presence is?

With the help of reputed website design company Columbus, you can revamp the overall performance of you site right away!

increasing website performance


The layout of the website makes the first impression on the visitors, and they visit your site for valuable information. The effectiveness of the website depends on the content. The content must grab the attention of the visitor in a few seconds. You communicate with the visitor through the content. Unique and original website content increases traffic to your website.

improve website content. website effectiveness is dependent upon content

SEO & Website Update

The latest and most relevant content ranks your website better. The website with old content falls in the ranking of the search engines. The search engine crawlers may assume that the content is not updated regularly as a relevant one. SEO is an essential factor that keeps your website alive digitally. The keywords used long back may not be relevant now; searching the information might have changed from the past, so rethinking the keywords increases visitors. Contacting a website updates and maintenance company is the best thing you can do to keep your site updated.

User friendly

Users must feel comfortable using the site, fast and easy to find the information on your website. A visitor must feel easy to complete his desired action. All these factors enhance the user experience.

Low bounce rate

The bounce rate must be low for a website. It is the percentage of people who skip out from visiting the other pages of the website. If the rate goes high, it indicates that visitors didn’t find the information or liked the website’s look. Check the bounce rate through Google analytics. Approach a website design company at Columbus to lower the bounce rate and increase your user experience. Bounce rate varies by the factors like location of the website services, device, new or a revisitor, medium (offline, website referral, organic, paid, press release, and social)through which they visited.

If the bouncing rate is too high, you need to strategize new SEO and Digital marketing methods.

Website Speed

A visitor prefers fast loading websites to slower ones. The search engines rank fast loading websites higher. Google page speed insights, Pingdom, and YSlow tools help in checking the loading time of the website. Often sizes of the images become a factor in deciding website speed. So, Image size optimization may increase the loading speed of the website.

Security of the website

In recent days there are many cases where the website gets hacked and losses the data. An older website with less secure coding and technology may fall prey to hackers than the modern website. Most of the trusted Website development company Columbus, usually suggest the client to opt enhanced security options to keep the hackers on bay.

Website Integration

The majority of businesses cannot deliver all the services on their own. They have to depend on other websites like payment options. A visitor always expects a single login and faster access to the information. You can reduce the mistakes and confusion by integrating the website with systems like Sage, MS Dynamics, or Salesforce.


The above information reveals the most general and essential signs that when your site becomes an older one. This post gives you enough knowledge about the importance of having an updated site for your business. A website with better technique and technology, content, images, other website integration, and loading speed ranks higher by the search engines.

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